Online Piano Lessons

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown I have moved to online piano teaching. I've been using zoom and so far it has been going surprisingly well! The technology has been reliable, with only the occasional glitch.

Some advantages to teaching online:

1. Student's are better at writing on their own music, so are actively 'learning through doing.' Before learning a new piece its important to look through it first and notice anything you could write on, circle or underline on the score to help you. Things such as finger numbers, performance directions, tempo, dynamics, articulation and also any sharps or flats that might catch you out. You can write as much as you like on the music to help you learn the piece (except writing every single note name in!) Learning to do this by yourself is very useful!

2. Everyone is much better at navigating their piece using bar numbers now (play four bars from bar 19) as now I cant point to a bar and say play from here!

3. Moving everything online has encouraged me to use technology to help students in different ways. I've been making videos of myself playing pieces to help students, sending more recordings for listening to and I can look at music theory work by sending photos instead of looking at it in person during a lesson. These are helpful things to keep up after lockdown.

4. I usually try to teach at home as much as possible but also cycle to some lessons. Teaching online means less travel time, which gives me more time to plan and think about lessons.

5. Students have been making really good progress with online lessons. Maybe it's because a lot of people have more time to practice now. I think people have found it useful to have the structure of a weekly lesson in place and to continue to have achievable goals to work towards each week. Whatever the reason, i'm very impressed by how well online music lessons have been working!


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